Vals Plat

As a designer I use colour as the essence of work, not as a detail. The aim of my collection is to let the audience experience that colour has depth and texture. Colour influences our experience of the world around us. They amplify our emotions and mood/state of mind. Our mood is influenced both physically and emotionally. Colour gives an in-depth dimension on our emotions and has a positive effect. In my collection I express the latter. Colour is consciously or subconsciously an integral part of our living space at every time of the day. It is changing and volatile, but constantly present.

My collection exists of diverse formations/compositions of textile interior objects. The colour compositions are build up through two applications. First the manually application of colour to a material and the second application is the composition and construction of the piece.


The origin of my collection is found in the Dutch landscape. I experience the things that are often seen as endless as aesthetics with details and nuances. The idiom of shapes is sourced from a picture archive where I zoom out of landscapes and zoom into details like grass and the ways of processing reed and plaited straw. The final pallet of greens is derived from the processes of playing with colour, saturation, transparency and dynamics. Where a landscape seems to become flat, lines and layers emerge, which together form a performance of saturated and transparent colour tones.

The collection has been developed intuitively while using screen printing techniques.
To have influence in this process I designed paint scrapers and experimented with the possibilities of the screen. This activity is visible in the prints, the scoop coaters leave trails and the acrylic ink shows diversity of colour and transparency. As soon as I have clamped the fabric I place them vertically to than apply ink with ‘scoop coater’. These actions create the relief which is afterwards processed into three dimensional shapes.

With the collection ‘Vals plat’ I want to let my audience experience colours tangibly and invite them to explore and touch the colour dimensions. The compositions become a part of the interior and are changeable and brief. Every moment of the day exposes a new depth.